Main Street: Scheduled Road Closure

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Main Street Closure

Between Scott Blvd & Bronte St

Scheduled road closure in effect from:

7:00 am Monday, August 24 to 5:00 pm Monday, November 30, 2015

In order to accommodate the reconstruction of Main Street, the section between Scott Blvd. to Bronte Street will be closed to vehicular traffic during the time noted above. Only local traffic will be permitted.

Another win against CN

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Another win for Halton Municipalities against CN! As I have been saying, CN wants people to believe they have lost the fight. In reality, nothing can be further from the truth.

The Environment Minister has ordered a panel review of CN’s proposed Milton Logistics Hub project. In accordance with federal environmental assessment legislation, a panel is composed of independent experts who review an environmental assessment, convene public hearings and make conclusions and recommendations on whether or not a project should proceed and if so, under what conditions.

They will be looking at the Municipal land use, human safety and human health.

We don’t know yet if we (Milton) will be part of the panel or not.


New model of development: Main St

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17698_10153385358874100_1296389947185576165_nWe are going to try something that has never been tried before in Milton.  For the Main Street expansion (Scott to Bronte), we have a unique bonusing structure:

  • If the developer completes the project by Nov 20th, it gets a $150,000 bonus
  • For each extra day, we deduct $10,000 up until Nov 30th
  • If the project is done by Nov 30th then the developer gets a $50,000 bonus
  • However, another day and the bonus disappears and the developer gets hit with a $20,000 penalty (yes, a $70k hit for this one day delay)
  • From this point on, there is a $20,000 per day fine for each day of delay, with no maximum

It remains to be seen if we will get bids under this model, but this can solve the problem of endless project delays. It should be noted that the money isn’t coming out of property taxpayers, we are billing developers for it via development charges.

Destiny Milton 3

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Just came back from a very productive strategic planning session for next 5 years of growth in this town. Building on the work done last month, we identified five strategic priorities for the council and senior staff :-

1) Sustainable Development – includes urban design, all modes of transportation, healthy living and a range of housing
2) Long-term financial sustainability – essentially structurally balanced budgets so we don’t see double-digit tax increases like Mississauga is facing
3) Improved communication and community engagement
4) A strong focus on economic growth involving high-value employers
5) Internal organization excellence, including succession planning for senior staff

For each of these we have detailed definitions, action items, milestones and how we measure success. We have another few hours of work left before we have a draft strategic plan.

Is there anything missing you’d like to see?

Liberal Campaign Logo Red - Small

Notice of Nomination Meeting for Milton

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trudeau - Copy

Date of Nomination Vote: Saturday, July 11, 2015
Voting starts at 1:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm
Address: Bishop Reding Catholic School, 1120 Main St E, Milton

If you are a member of the Federal Liberal Party in Milton then come out and vote for Zeeshan. Age limit for voting is 14, and you must be able to prove your identity and address :-

a) Provide one original piece of identification issued by government or government agency containing your photo, your name and your address ( e.g. Drivers Licence)
b) Provide two original pieces of identification issued by government, government agency, educational institute, municipal office/agency, public utility or Credit Card Company that provide your name. At least one of these documents must also contain your address: (e.g. Health Card and Hydro Bill) (e.g. Fishing Licence and a Credit card
statement) (Student ID card and a School Report card)
c) Provide one piece of original identification issued by government, government agency, educational institute, municipal office/agency, public utility or credit card company that provides your name and then be willing to swear an oath and be vouched for by a qualified voter in the riding who has identification acceptable in a or b above.
For further information or to RSVP, please e-mail

Main Street expansion poll result and approach

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Yesterday I shared two three options to expand the Main Street between Scott Blvd and Bronte Road.  The project includes:

  • Construction of two through lanes (one lane in each direction) and a centre shared turn lane
  • On-street bike lanes between Scott Blvd. and Whitmer St.
  • Construction of a multi-use path/sidewalk on both sides of the road between Scott Blvd. and Bronte St.
  • Construction of pedestrian tunnels through CN embankment (this requires CN work which will likely not happen until 2017 or 2018)
  • Signalized intersection at Scott Blvd.

With over 150 comments at the time of publishing this post, citizens almost unanimously prefer the construction to be done as soon as possible, even if it requires closing the entire stretch down for a longer period of time.

Here are their concerns and my remedies :

They almost unanimously favoured closing the entire stretch for 12 weeks and finishing the entire project at once
This is not an option staff looked at.  The current plan is to do the project in two phases, closing each section 8 weeks at a time, to finish construction in summer or fall of 2016. I have already asked staff to work towards closing the entire section for 12 weeks to finish the project in 2015.

Concern about potential project delays
I am going to ask for contractors to be pre-qualified, so we weed out all contractors without a good track record of on-time completion. We will also look at penalties for project delays. It increases the price of bids but potential lower bids aren’t reliable anyway, so they shouldn’t count.

Concern about detours and Derry Road underpass
We will not close the Main Street until all four lanes of the Derry Road underpass are functional. I’ll also ask the Regional staff to get the Tremaine north construction done ahead of the closure, but we might not have time to wait for that to completely finish.

One risk is weather. If we get an unusually wet fall then it can cause issues. Another is that the project actually involves moving utilities and sewer line, and working around the watermain. Sometimes these turn up unexpected issues.  To stay on top of these I will ask for weekly updates and will share those with everyone.

Thank you for your feedback and participation. When I was running for re-election I stressed that my biggest short-term priority was to get all construction projects in the area finished as soon as possible. This push is a big part of that and we are very close to the finish line.


Main Street Expansion Options (need your advice)

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As you know, the Main Street expansion (from Scott to Bronte) has been stuck in property disputes that took a very long time to resolve and work through the system. Fortunately that is now out of the way and we can start the process.

We have a few approaches :-

1) Keep the road open (one lane) during construction. Finish the project late next year

2) Close the road for 8 weeks from Whitmer to Bronte. Do the Scott to Whitmer section next year

3) Close the street for 12 weeks (Tremaine and Derry will both be open to be used as detour). But the project will be done at the end of 12 weeks (end of this year)

On one extreme the project will drag on for a while. On the other end, we’ll be stuck with a detour for 12 weeks but then the project will finish and we will be able to move on with our lives.

Please note that we will pre-screen contractors to weed out ones with bad track record.

In your opinion, as area residents, what is the best approach?  You can comment here or on my Facebook page:


LED Light Conversion

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StreetLight-ExampleThe Council last night unanimously passed my motion to add a project to convert all street lights to L.E.D. for the next budget cycle (at which point it will be debated and voted on).

LED conversion does not just make ecological and environmental sense, it makes financial sense. The payback for money we invest in conversion is just four years, better than virtually any other investment we can make.

We spend 2% of our property taxes on operation and maintenance of street lights. With significantly cheaper electricity and maintenance cost, LED lights use less energy and last 5 times longer, it means more money in your pockets.